Through the multi-year journey of our schools, we understand that the philosophy that we have followed for years and the actions to which we are committed are now key issues of daily life and innovations that are highlighted by the schools of Northern Europe.

“In Iceland, only books are offered as gifts during Christmas.”

“We gather books for the patients of cancer hospitals,”

 “National and International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019.”

“K. Giannakidis: “What is wrong with these poor children, and they do not learn?”

“L. Papadimitriou: The war of homework.”

“B. Nixon: What has inspired me the most about the IB is its ability to encourage students to become internationally minded.” 

“The only student on the island Arkioi: Young Christos, will take part in the parade alone this year again.”

«E.Mulvahill: Dogs in the Classroom Improve Social, Emotional Learning, Cognitive, and Even Reading Skills.»

«K.Dickinson: Should architecture be taught in grade school?»

“Babiniotis: Greek schools are useless. Children finish school, and they do not remember anything.” (article related to the absence of cultural education in schools)

“Alarm at the Ministry of Education: The subject “Respect for others” is being introduced to combat bullying. “

“Minister of Education N. Karameos: We are considering the introduction of entrepreneurship in schools.”

“A. Gravani: Ancient Greek makes students smarter.”

“Eleni Glikantzi-Ahrweiler: Stop saying Good Luck to your children. Say Good Happiness.”

“E. Mulvahill: Dogs in the Classroom Improve Social, Emotional Learning, Cognitive, and Even Reading Skills.”

DES had covered these multi prismatic needs of the children long before they became “Hot Spots” of our days. 

Programmes like emotional intelligence, philosophy, coding and stem, ancient Greek, the institution of “Houses” (Thales, Pythagoras, Democritus), entrepreneurship and architecture programmes that have even been implemented even at Des Nursery, our school’s ongoing communication with the only student on the Island Arkioi using technology, the emphasis on cultural and artistic programmes, strengthen the children’s emotional and cognitive development, discourage bullying, cultivate empathy and self-management and sharpen their mental alertness.

Activities such as Secret Santa, Book Giving Day, regular visits to the nursing home, frequent visits to the Center of Education & Rehabilitation for the Blind, reading and book presentations, art programmes, through New York’s MOMA, London’s TATE MODERN Museum and the PRADO Museum of Madrid, elections and the constitution of a student council, nutrition programmes, friendly championships, hosting and participating in the World Water Museum, cultivate the students’ social consciousness and extroversion while instilling moral values and principles.





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