Our goals...

At DES, we aim for the future! Because our goal is for every child to obtain critical thinking and problem-solving skills, flexibility, and creativity.  We aspire for every child to cultivate their virtues and talents and to have the right of choice in the world they will live in!  At DES, education acquires its true meaning.

Dr. Billie Konstantara’s vision that became reality…

billie“We want the children to love learning and to become happy explorers of the world".

We dreamt of a school that develops the students’ interests, cultivates their talents, and promotes effortless learning, thus demonstrating that knowledge is a natural consequence of their evolution, an active element of their personality.”

Dr. Billie Konstantara founded three very successful schools in 16 years, where she applied in practice the most innovative educational methods and theories. The innovative programme that she created follows the objectives of the analytical programme of studies but achieves them through differentiated teaching, which adapts the teaching method to the talent of the student, the way in which the student learns best, and consistently detects their learning readiness.

The primary objective of the school’s educational programme aims at achieving harmony between the cognitive and the emotional elements of every human being.  This is why it is based on the theory of multiple intelligences and emotional aptitude, through an excellently structured and scientifically documented approach. Furthermore, all subjects are considered as primary subjects.  Language courses and mathematics are taught with the same emphasis as sports, music, art, literature, and STEM courses!

Let’s experience education…

At DES, learning is an experience, and children live it. Experiments have a scent, drawing has substance and the learning approach through differentiation becomes a positive and optimistic process.

Bilingual Learning

Studies have shown that bilingual children and children that have the opportunity to become bilingual are more creative and better at planning and solving complex problems, compared to monolingual children.

School subjects are taught both in the Greek and English language via the CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning), without requiring extra teaching hours.

Pupils have the opportunity to learn a second foreign language: German, French or Spanish.

How they learn…

Personalized Learning

Teaching is based on the types of intelligence and each child’s temperament.

Differentiated Learning

Every student makes optimum use of their individualities and talents.

Blended Learning 

The combination of traditional teaching with online learning.

Flipped Classroom

Experiential introduction to the teaching unit.

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